So why I’m really here

So I am here to begin logging my food, mostly. I’m sure their will be some quips and musings along the way. I just started seeing my naturopath again and were doing a little reboot to my diet and regimen. I love the paleo way of eating, i feel tons better when I follow some simple rules. No sugar, no grains, and no dairy. Dairy is a tough one for me which I am cutting way back on but I have a hard time when it comes to yogurt and cottage cheese and it doesn’t seem to effect me right now, we shall see.
Like usual, I am always searching for that magic bullet, the thing that will fix what I consider my biggest roadblock, weight loss. I started doing some research after the holidays into weightloss. I came across a tedtalks with Dr. Attia that was so inspiring it brought me to tears. To sum it up he talked about insulin resistance and his realization that this disease is not a fault of the person but of their genetic makeup and the medical community has it all wrong. You can watch the whole thing here
I had felt for sometime that my insulin resistance was becoming a greater battle as I got older, the more my weight fluctuated the more it would get worse. I don’t know if that is true but that was my mindset. And then theirs Dr. Attia with his Kojak good looks talking about he, as dr. had it wrong even when it came to his own health. He too battles insulin resistance and he changed his life by going keto!
Ketogenesis, I knew about this! I was so excited because it was basically the Atkins diet, the one diet I had lost the most weight on in my early 20’s. Back then it was a miracle but my peers thought it was unhealthy and unrealistic. One more thing to be ashamed of. I gave it up, i had lost weight, it was too hard, I got cocky and gained it all back.
Since then it’s been a merry go round of high protein/low carb dieting mixed with weight watchers and some vegetarianism and a lot of self loathing. Thank god for my dear husband Doug, who has loved my unconditionally through all of this.


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